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What Our Clients Are Saying

Rand Paul

"Fritz Wenzel and Wenzel Strategies played a crucial role in my election victory last year, working with a tremendous team of political professionals. Fritz's polling and interpretation of the data helped us know exactly where we stood at key points in the campaign and helped us find the path to victory. He is smart, swift, great to work with, and provides top-quality work. I would recommend him to any political campaign - at any level of American politics."

- Rand Paul, U.S. Senator, Kentucky

Matt Parker

"We have worked on big political campaigns across the country with Fritz Wenzel and Wenzel Strategies, and we heartily recommend them for any campaign at any level - U.S. Senate, Congress, and statewide campaign - and even more local races. Fritz is a smart guy who understands opinion research and who understands what political campaigns need to succeed. His work is accurate, comprehensive, swift, and we like Wenzel Strategies because they use the latest technologies. This keeps their work relevant and their costs in line with what campaigns, local governments, and business clients today need."

- Matt Parker, President and Founder of Front Porch Strategies, a political services and consulting firm based in Columbus, Ohio. Front Porch Strategies works with political clients across the nation.

Rick Platt

"When we contacted Wenzel Strategies, we had a pretty clear idea of the types of things we needed to know from a public opinion survey. Fritz Wenzel came out and met with us and helped us craft a survey instrument that met our needs very well. We were interested in doing a poll of Licking County, Ohio residents who commuted to jobs out of the county. Industry site selectors and expanding businesses want to know where they are going to find a workforce, and though we saw commuters as a talent pool, we didn't know much more about our commuters than how many there were.

Among other things, we wanted to know the skills of the commuters and an understanding of the mindset of a commuter to help us determine how best to convince them to find work here in their home county when opportunities were there. Wenzel Strategies gathered and analyzed the data in a professional and expert fashion that has helped to put us on the road to building strategies to make our county's economy and its communities stronger. I strongly recommend Wenzel Strategies for any small government or non-profit organization that has a project like ours and is trying to determine what its residents or clients are thinking. This has been a great experience for us."

- Rick Platt, President and CEO of Heath-Newark-Licking County Port Authority